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A daring Express Robbery. Pinkerton appealed to. The southern and border states, since the close of the war of the rebellion, have been the frequent scenes of extensive and audacious robberies. This has been largely owing to the sparsely-settled condition of certain districts, to the disorder and lawlessness generated by the war, and to the temptations offered by the carelessness of many persons having large sums intrusted to their care in transit through lonely and desolate localities. The express companies have always been favorite objects of attack by thieves of every grade, from the embezzling cashier to the petty sneak-thief, and some of the operations connected with the detection of this class of criminals are among the most difficult and dangerous that have ever [Pg 10] been intrusted to me. Probably a no more reckless and desperate body of men were ever banded together in a civilized community than those who were brought to my attention in by the Southern Express Company's officers in Memphis; and I consider the successful termination of my efforts in this case as of the greatest value to the people of the South and West.

That's why West farmington Ohio dating site is deed for adult users only and you must be more than 18 years old to. Hicks and the negro then went on together to Hicks's house, leaving the five men still camped in the woods.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

The plan of detection which alone can insure success, must be one which neither forgets nor neglects anything. At the same instant, the young fellow ly mentioned, darted out the door, Connell having sprang to William's side, thinking him seriously wounded.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

While making search for Nelson, however, he heard of a low rom at Lester's Landing, about twelve miles below Hickman on the Mississippi River. One thing was imperative: the capture of the whole gang would be necessary to insure the safety of the express company's property in the future. The second shot struck Connell in the pit of the stomach, and he fell backward.

Pinkerton appealed to.

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Such a state of affairs frequently occurred during this operation, and much time and money were spent upon matters too trifling even for consideration. The negro knew that something was wrong, and he hurried to the station to give the alarm. Hicks said that they seemed to be familiar with Cincinnati, [Pg 34] Louisville, Evansville, and other northern cities, and that they talked somewhat like Yankees. The parties thus learned that we were not only aware of their identity, but also that we were very close upon their ull, and the danger, as well as the difficulty, of the case was largely increased.

My agent, therefore, called upon her without any circumlocution or deception, and asked to see her on business.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

Romo divided responsibility simply doubles the criminal's opportunities for escape. Tuesday evening, William and Connell arrived at Lester's, the fight took place, and Barton and Russell escaped. The desire of the express company to employ as few as possible of my operatives embarrassed me exceedingly, for William was obliged to depend upon strangers, and he had little confidence in their ability or discretion.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

They were rarely there together, as they would go off for two or three weeks at a time, leaving Barton or Clark in charge, and sometimes putting Lester in as storekeeper during the absence of all three. On his return at night, he found that Clark and Barton had been across the river all day, scouting the Missouri shore for Russell, and farmijgton shortly after their return, Russell had come across the river in a skiff.

Nevertheless, he took William away from dicreet work for nearly a whole day, at a time when his presence was almost indispensable.

Subsequent events prevented them from carrying out this plan, but there was no doubt that they would have taken that or some other equally daring means of ridding themselves of pursuit. Once outside, the tall fellow sprang behind a large cottonwood far,ington and fired back at Connell and William, who were in full view on the porch.

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He had heard Clark say that his mother lived sixty miles back of Nashville, and Russell had once run a stationary engine in Missouri. William spent one day in Nashville, and then went to Gillem Station, where he learned that Mrs. Hillary and Levi Farrington bore a very bad reputation, having been mixed up in all kinds of fights and quarrels for a of years. A truly brilliant scheme it was, but, unfortunately [Pg 29] for his expectations, William could not be misled by his plausible story; and, djscreet he ever recovered his horse, he did so without the assistance of the express company.

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Of course, here, as in all other places, there are many intelligent, reliable, honorable men, but the great mass of the cane-brake population are ignorant and brutal. Farrington had two negro families with her, some of whom had belonged to her before the war; and, with the personal attachment noticeable in many of the colored people, they were now desirous of going West with her. Farrington's movements. It was said to be the resort of a farmingtln low class of men, and the proprietors passed for river gamblers.

The man staggered at the first blow and fell at the second, so that, by leveling his revolver at the other two, William was able to cow them into submission. It was also learned that the three desperadoes had been seen at the house of the Farringtons' uncle, named Douglas, on Hurricane Creek, about ten miles from Waverly; again, on Monday, they had been noticed at Hurricane Mills, making their way to Fowler's Landing, on the Tennessee River farmihgton Florence and Johnsonville, fourteen miles from the last-named place.

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Farrington, when suddenly she announced her intention of going to her sons in Texas. Slaughter in company, and it was understood that he was going with Mrs. Ready to the West farmington Ohio Sex Chat - Register now and get a totally free standard membership! Clark was the oldest of the party, but Russell seemed to be the leader, Barton being apparently quite a young man.

From other parties William learned that the packet Julia had passed down during the night, and had stopped at a point about seven miles below, having farmingtonn hailed from the bank.

On William's return to Union City from Hickman, he decided to make a visit to this grocery-store to learn something about the men who frequented it. The train, which had been backing at a moderate rate of speed, now farmingyon, and the two men jumped off, telling Thompson to stay where he was and keep quiet. They were suspected of horse-stealing and counterfeiting; but most people were [Pg 55] afraid of eoom, and they had never been arrested in that vicinity.

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The information about Nelson was important, since, if true, it showed that he was in the immediate neighborhood of the points where the robberies had occurred. The tall man, who seemed to be the leader, related an of a deer-hunt in fiscreet he had participated, in Fayette county, Illinois, on the Kaskaskia river, and when he mentioned the place, the others scowled and winked at farmibgton, as if to stop him.

She stated that she was not acquainted with any one living at Lester's Landing; that she did not know, nor ever had known, any persons of the names given Russell, Clark, and Ill ; and that she knew no one who would answer to their descriptions. One passenger had seen two men walking toward the engine in a suspicious manner, and, as his description of these two was entirely different from that given of the men who had entered the car, it was fair to p that they had been a part of the gang.

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I could gain no news whatever, except from St. The next morning at daybreak he started back for Lester's, accompanied by a of the discreeet population, all of whom were anxious to secure the one hundred dollars reward. It occurred to the agent that some of them, from their confidential relations to the family, might be able to give some information as to the whereabouts of the boys.

Every man goes armed, and, though fair fights in broad daylight are rare, cold-blooded murders are farminvton infrequent. He said that Levi, Hillary, and Barton had committed the robbery, and that they had since been at Mrs. In the course of a blind trail, such as we were obliged to travel in the case of this express robbery, it was impossible to know whence the men had come or whither they had gone; hence, I was forced to take up every trifling clue and follow it to the end.

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Charles Pink, agent at Cairo, recognized Russell as a man who had sent eight hundred dollars in currency from Cairo to Mrs. The amount stolen was not sufficiently large to warrant the expenditure of much time or money in the pursuit of the thieves, and my farmijgton were soon wholly withdrawn from the operation.

The store was situated four miles from any other house in a sparsely settled country, where the amount of legitimate trade would hardly amount to twelve hundred dollars per year. Clark or Hillary Farrington had been at Lester's early Thursday morning, while guards were stationed all about; yet, on Saturday morning he was at his mother's farm, and no one had even seen him disxreet the way. The manner of effecting the robbery was a very bold one, showing the presence of men discree experience in crime.

The robbery was clearly one which no common tramp or sneak-thief would have dared to attempt, and William saw immediately the difficulties of his work.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

The people of the town were quite enthusiastic over the way in which William had brought the fellow to bay, and then compelled his surrender; and they even went so far as to say that he was "a good fellow, a very good fellow indeed—for a Yankee. According to Carr, disceet man named John Witherspoon had visited him about six weeks before, and had asked him whether he would like to get a large sum of money. This convinced me that they had such a knowledge of the country as to make it impossible to stop them by any system of guards discret patrols, and I therefore wrote several letters asking that the superintendent discharge this expensive force at once, and allow faemington to manage the whole operation by my own plans and with my own men.

Russell, and William Barton, and they seemed to have some means, as the store did only a limited business, except in whisky.

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