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Invoke it like this and follow the commands: M-x erc-select The goal of haskell is to encourage learning and discussion of Haskell, functional programming, and programming in general. As part of this we welcome newbies, and encourage teaching of the language.

Part of the haskell success comes from the fact that the community is quite tight knit — we know each other — it's not just a homework channel.

Single word requests - what is a term or idiom for "blah blah blah" talk? - english language & usage stack exchange

As the channel grows, we see a diverse range of people with different programming backgrounds getting accustomed to Haskell. New Haskell users should feel entirely comfortable asking questions.

Blah chat

But, since we know UserBob doesn't much like the color blue, so he chooses the colors greenyellow for the text and maroon for the bllah. Also, some users don't use a white background; many users prefer light colored text on a dark background and may have enabled the Gadget "Use a black background with green text on the Monobook skin".

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For example, if UserBob typed "Bob" into the 'Nickname' section of his preferences and clicked 'save' making sure the box marked "Raw ature" is not selectedhis ature would change to Bob11 February UTC. Nickname[ edit ] The easiest way to customise your ature is to cha the 'Nickname' section of My Preferences. To maintain the friendly, open culture, the following is required: Low to zero tolerance for ridiculing questions.

The goal of haskell is to encourage learning and discussion of Haskell, functional programming, and programming in general. Invoke it like this and follow the commands: M-x erc-select Note that "User" and "Bob" are now different colours.

Blah-blah and chat

However, it cgat good practice to have your nickname related in an obvious way to your real username; if UserBob chose the nickname "Jenkinson", this would be confusing, since other users would have no idea who "Jenkinson" was, even if UserBob's real name is Jenkinson. In the ature heading, there cuat a checkbox labeled Treat the above as wiki markup.

Socratic questioningrather than challenging the competence of the writer ad hominem. Note that it still links to User:UserBob, but says "Bob". As a result, many collaborative projects have arisen between Haskell irc channel citizens.

Avoid getting frustrated by negative comments cat ambiguous questions. Be patient and take satisfaction from spreading knowledge. Some users "hide" their talk link; it is there, but it is not labelled.

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To create a link to your talkclick on My Preferences. Check this box, and then type into cjat "ature" field: [[User: your name your name ]] [[User talk: your name talk]] and click "Save". He can even use different colours in the same part. Also, due to the fact that UserBob is displayed as a link, the color change must be included in the area of the link.

Good vs evil - chat "blah blah blah" showing of 1,

To find these, hover your mouse over different parts of the ature. Insulting new users is unacceptable.

UserBob doesn't much like the colour blue, and decides to produce a more colourful ature. The status bar at the bottom of your web browser should show you where each bit of the ature le. This changes the name shown to other users to the new nickname.

Blah chat

To do this, he needs to produce a 'Raw ature'. This is useful if you no longer like your name, but don't want it changed altogether.

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As part of this cjat welcome newbies, and encourage teaching of the language. Eventually the language channels below listed with " haskell. These can be changed to use any other text. Approach them by asking for details i.

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History The haskell channel appeared in the late 90s, and really got going in earlywith the help of Shae Erisson aka shapr. So, if you specify foreground colors, you should consider specifying background colors as well. Talk s[ edit ] Bpah would like to link his ature to his talk .

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