Our Mission

This initiative is tackling a few critical issues which affect European regions, cities, industries and people:

  1. Critical Raw Materials (CRMs)
  2. Regional development
  3. Green growth
  4. Performance economy
  5. Transformational collaboration of the value chain
  6. Mobilizing the power of the purse
  7. Responsibility and accountability
  8. Systemic eco-innovation

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022is a multi-stakeholder initiative which has been set up to accelerate the shift to a new development model based on a circular and collaborative economy.It seeks to promote novel modes of action in a collaborative economy at the level of territories and at European and international levels.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 partners want to use their power to accelerate the transition towards green growth development at local level. They regard themselves as responsible and accountable for their commitments while being aware that these commitments build their reputation and establish trust. Covenant 2022 partners will report on the basis of indicators as set by the European Union.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 is supported by important networks of actors in a collaborative economy, bringing Regions together. It is a co-operational system that can be adapted to many value chains linked to the circular economy and the energy transition.

These cooperation initiatives at territorial level, within the framework of RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022, are facilitated by the signatory Regions and Cities acting as process facilitators.

Coupling Regions and Cities involves all major actors to pull together within a circular economy.