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A new Paradigm

The need to move towards a Circular Economy can be only achieved if all relevant stakeholders, from public and private sector, are involved and the whole value chain, from design and production to use and recycling of products and financing, is tackled.

Circular economy: a systemic eco-innovation approach

The development and implementation of single eco-innovative solutions is not enough to make it happen. Public authorities, industries and citizens need to be part of a systemic eco-innovative process (Source: European Commission).

This initiative addresses a new development management and growth model at territorial level based on a circular and collaborative economy in a digital era.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 will facilitate new forms of multi-stakeholders value chain open-coordination and trust building to mobilise the power of many and accelerate the transition towards resource productivity and performance economy.

In this regard we need to consider entire systems, rather than sectors. A system comprises all the processes and infrastructures that exist in connection with a resource or an activity, which are essential for human activities (Source: European Environment Agency).

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 is a voluntary scheme addressing multi-stakeholders value chain good governance and sustainable, transparent performance. It is a commitment to facilitate open-coordination and to implement the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials and lead the EU to a circular economy.

Efficient use of natural resources in a collaborative economy at territorial level:

1)      Region
2)      Urban Community
3)      City
4)      Rural Municipality
5)      Between Regions, Cities and Communes

where material and energy flows are minimised and waste is used as a resource.

The Covenant will involve a very large number of partners across the European Union (EU) and entire raw materials value chains with a focus on territories (Regions and Cities). By doing so, the Covenant will contribute to the re-industrialisation of Europe in a circular economy perspective.

RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 was developed with the financial support of the signatory Regions and the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 is can be found on the EIP on Raw Materials website.

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