Green Growth 2022

Strategies to achieve greener growth are needed. If we want to make sure that the progress in living standards we have seen these past fifty years does not grind to a halt, we have to find new ways of producing and consuming things. And even redefine what we mean by progress and how we measure it. And we have to make sure to take our citizens with us on this journey, in particular to prepare the people with the right skills to reap the employment benefits from the structural change. 

(…)The modern economy was created thanks to innovation and thrives on it, and in turn the economy encourages new ways of doing things and the invention of new products. That will continue to be the case. Non-technological changes and innovation such as new business models, work patterns, city planning or transportation arrangements will also be instrumental in driving green growth. Source:OECD Secretary General

We have entered another long economic cycle. A new era of prosperity is under way on the basis of both technological and non-technological innovations for a much more efficient management of raw materials and energy, their scarcity and their cost.

Value Chain Partnerships

The question is how to make value chain partnerships more efficient? How could partners’ responsibility and accountability be designed to make the value chain co-operation more efficient?

Today the transformational collaboration we need is global value chain and multi-stakeholder partnership driven. They need new forms of co-operation to become much more efficient and scaled-up.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022will be a UN Rio+30 pilot multi-stakeholders partnership, under the patronage of the United Nations and the EU. The focus will be on Resource Productivity value chain management.

Partners will present their achievements in 2022 at the Rio+30 summit during a Summit of Resource Efficiency and Prosperity Partnerships.