To accelerate the transition towards a new development model, the RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 is a value chain collaborative scheme with an online community:

1)      Open source to encourage partners of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) value chains to measure and leverage resource productivity performance.

The platform involves partners from across the value chains including:

  • Exploration
  • Mining
  • Processing
  • Recycling
  • Application
  • Public sectors (national/regional/local)
  • Civil society

while respecting the conditions of each value chain.

2)      Open-coordination

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 is a multi-stakeholder platform to share knowledge, assess progress and develop an open-coordination, addressing resource productivity of value chains at territorial (Region/City), EU and International levels.

The platform is a partnership between actors involved in several RMCs, smart specialization programmes and clusters addressing key raw materials contributing to regional development, green economy and better life.

3)      Open supply between value chain actors making use of the power of the purse, offering innovation, technological and non-technological as well new forms of international co-operation, able to generate innovation and reduce costs.

4)      Online trust will help to make value chains more efficient and value chain partners more responsible and accountable to leverage the power of many.

The platform will be equipped, with the help of its Members, with indicators and reporting mechanism in line with the EIP Raw Materials guidelines related to the governance of value chains. Toolkits related to resource productivity for specific sectors, services to RMCs partners, coaching, value chain management and a finance help-desk.