The need to move towards a circular economy can be only achieved if all relevant stakeholders, from public and private sector, are involved and the whole value chain, from the design and production to the use and recycling of products and financing, is tackled. The development and implementation of single eco-innovative solutions is not enough to make it happen. Public authorities, industries and citizens all together need to be part of a systemic eco-innovative process (Source: European Commission).

This initiative addresses a new development management and growth model at territorial level based on a circular and collaborative economy in a digital era.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 wishes to facilitate new forms of multi-stakeholders value chain open-coordination and trust building to mobilise the power of many and accelerate the transition towards resource productivity and a performance economy.

The RMC-Covenant Circular Economy 2022 is a collaborative scheme which is based on platforms developed at EU, Regional and City levels.

The objective is to establish the conditions for better management of the value chain in order to enable the shift to a circular economy and to a new approach for harvesting and processing material resources.